Boys Under Construction

‘Boys Under Construction’ is a Youth Male Empowerment initiative geared toward boys ages 12 and 13, which has been proven to be an extremely pivotal age. We’ve been able to identify major obstacles that try to hinder this generation and have partnered with various business owners, motivational speakers and educators to address these obstacles.  Each session instills the proper morals, values, conduct, and attitudes that promote high self-esteem, self-awareness, self-love, and self-respect. Our goal is to solidify the foundation in the lives of these young men so that as they grow and mature they have something upon which they can always rely on during tough times.

Classic Girls

An elegant collaboration set in place to assist teenage girls in finding their inner selves while learning the necessary essentials in becoming “Classic Girls”. Sessions included consist of flowing features such as girl talk, group activities, guest speakers, and other liberating workshops to Reassure these young ladies of their standard of excellence and providing information that will speak volumes in facing their teen hardships.

Life Skills Training

The Life Skills Training program accommodates youth who bring anger, bullying and emotional problems to group sessions. Each session focuses on anger and conflict management; socializing with others; building self-esteem and leadership qualities; avoiding gangs; and maintaining physical and emotional health—all presented at an age-appropriate levels for the intended audiences.

LEARN — Anger and Conflict Management; and Rights and Responsibilities

DEVELOP — Positive Role Models; and Power Communications

BUILD — Leadership Qualities; Self-Esteem and Integrity

TEACH — Suicide Prevention; Gang Avoidance; Emotional Health; and much more.

Parenting Classes

We have developed classes that focus on the priceless advice parents and grandparents once shared as families sat around the dinner tables and shared their activities of the day. Our desire is that our parents/caregivers have the adequate tools needed to train our youth of today with the skills needed to be productive citizens.