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Hi there! Joy & Autumn here! We’re so happy you came by to visit and learn more about CTY. 

We’re a mother and daughter team and we’re passionate about serving and empowering the next generation of leaders! 

When we’re not in the community or planning CTY events you can find us laughing(most likely at each other), singing the melody to an upbeat song, eating something tasty or just maybe chewing some bubble gum and blowing bubbles! Regardless, we’re definitely having fun!




Our story began about 40 years ago - a young single mother and her little girl. As a mother, I wanted to give my daughter the best of me - my unconditional love, my quality time and I wanted to be her first example of a courageous woman, one who never quit!

I began my own self-discovery journey, made some goals and allowed my daughter to journey with me. She was privy to not only my struggles but my wins. 








Growing up my mom gave me so much love and quality time. She engulfed herself into my world. Having realized my gift of music, she enrolled me into dance classes, various community choirs, and developed a rapport with my teachers. She made me her priority! She even traveled with me to Madrid, Spain. Mama pulled me into her world where she intentionally taught me the value of volunteering and serving the community. 

My mom affirmed me but also placed me in the arms of the wise women who affirmed her and made great contributions to her life. It was my grandmother, my great grandmother and my great-great grandma that gave me pearls of wisdom and infused me with so much love. (Yes!! At one point of my life we had 5 generations!)

Generational connectivity is a powerful gift and I’m forever grateful.

    - Autumn 










Our focus is to: 

  • Empower others to create intentional moments and give space where active listening, learning, healing and growing takes place.

  • Encourage youth to value the generations that came before them.

  • Motivate those who are experiencing their “golden years”- to esteem tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Create a space for self discovery to take place in the lives of the youth we serve.

  • Inspire youth to embrace their brilliance and develop a true sense of purpose.

  • Bring awareness to the Anti Human Trafficking movement by educating youth on vulnerabilities, how to identify red flags, and how to navigate potentially dangerous situations.

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