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As I look at our current situation in America, everyone seems to be talking about the economic crisis. I believe we are facing a crisis that is bigger, more far-reaching and longer lasting. That crisis is our American Youth. Over the years, we have made strides in science, technology and social prowess, however; I question if we are truly moving forward. The things that used to be unacceptable, immoral or illegal have become socially accepted. This publication suggests proven practices that if applied will aid in rehabilitating this present generation and generations to come. Dr. Francis S. Cole, Ph.D. U.S. Department of Labor, Washington, D.C. We cannot afford to leave our next generation to chance, there is too much at stake, if we pull together, we can all make it happen. The beauty of caring for children and assisting youth, is that no matter what color, religion, creed, nationality, or background, they are all children, OUR children, and we have an obligation to invest in them. Jeffrey Barton, Center Director, Job Corps Center, Kentucky Joy has written a practical guide for parents, grandparents and caregivers. Her back to basics approach provides effective strategies for rescuing our young people from the dangers they face if they are not given the proper guidance and instruction. Emma Fraser Pendleton, FraserNet, Educator, Bestselling Author and Motivational Speaker, New York, NY Author Bio: Joy Stevenson is a highly sought after motivational speaker, author and life coach. Growing up she experienced first hand the social ills that plague this current generation. She has been given a mandate to "cry out for the youth". Her passion is to impact the lives of todays' youth with her God given gift of LOVE!


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Catch Them Young, Inc.

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